The Toldi98 Ltd. has been running a wood-mill – situated 80 km to the North from Budapest in Nógrád county -since 1998. The high quality and the right quantity of  raw material , and our 15 years of experience enable us to continuously fulfil our customer’s demand. Primarily we process  acacia but work with other kind of hardwood  stumps as well.
Why  acacia? Its processing is difficult but we quite like to face  this challenge. This certain difficulty in its manufacturing is a result of the very special structure of this specie.In its heartwood  the vessels formerly conducting water are filled with  an extreamly hard material that gives acacia’s unique strength,solidity and  durability. Without any chemical treatment at all acacia resists and can be used in areas exteriores -even grounded -for decades.
Our capacity is suitable for  processing  10.000-12.000 m3 of stump annually. At  our depot  in Szátok our capital profile is the production of  sawn and split  stakes and wooden supports for  viticultures and for  agricultural use. We deal with a wide range of garden products and different  elements for corrals. At Mohora computer-controlled saws  secure high quality production of hundreds of cubic meter of bordered and not bordered lumber and furniture planks all year round. As this plant is equipped with its own drying kiln  we  provide these products in dried version too. Our cylindrical columns(bark,halved or turned ) are mainly used for supporting walls in agriculture and in  regions  regularly affected by  avalanches. As a result of elimination of the sapwood we  have  a highly resistant, aesthetic wooden material  which, in terms of external use, has the  longest durability among Europen species. Our clients  use these colums for building  playgrounds  or at public parks.